Fender Telecaster vs GL ASAT Classic Telecaster

Fender Telecaster vs G&L ASAT Classic Telecaster

Here’s a video I made explaining my personal experience between the Fender Telecasters and the G&L Telecasters.   I don’t think one is better than the other, they are both great, it just comes down to personal choice.  The G&L is a lot heavier but it’s arguably a nicer finish, especially on the neck.  Since making the video demo above, I have since notice how fast the Fender vintage fretts wear down.  I am soon to have my Telecaster refretted with Jumbo frets as the G&L is very, very nice to play because of the larger frets.  The stock pickups in the Fender were very average, as they were back in the old days.  I did like the tone but they were not very good even with a Tubescreamer.  Any higher gain would make the pickups squeel.  The stock G&L pickups are awesome, I’ve had no problems with them.  The one thing about this Fender 52 reissue guitar is that it’s made as per the old days so modern pickups do not have the same problems that these vintage style ones have.  If you like vintage style guitars the Fender 52 reissue Telecaster is great.

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