Dunlop MXR Stereo Tremolo Pedal Review

Dunlop Tremolo MXR Tremolo

Dunlop MXR Stereo Tremolo Pedal Review

This is the Dunlop MXR Tremolo Pedal.  Dunlop has truly captured the classic Tremolo effect found in vintage amps, while upgrading the reliability with modern circuitry. The TS-1 offers both stereo and mono Tremolo effects. The auto-panning stereo mode provides the ability to ping-pong your sound from channel to channel at varying speeds and transitional rates with complete intensity control.

This is definetly one of my favorite Tremolo Pedals I have ever used for classic Tremolo effects.  It’s very, very close to the classic sounds that amplifiers are known for with less noise than almost any other pedal I have used.  The BOSS Tremolo TR2 is also very low noise, but it has nothing on the Dunlop in terms of Tremolo quality.  They are both on different ends of the tone scale.
Intensity, shape, and speed controls

Both stereo pan and mono modes

Switch selectable stereo and mono inputs

Quiet on/off switching with high-reliability hardware throughoutz

My Dunlop MXR Tremolo Pedal can also be found on YouTube

Dunlop Tremolo MXR Stereo Tremolo

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