Daphon E200D Overdrive Pedal Review

Daphon E200D Overdrive Pedal Review

The first thing you think when you see the price of the Daphon E200D Overdrive is “it must be skimping on tone or build quality.  That’s what I thought initially until it arrived at my house and I was pretty blown away.  It not only is every bit as well built as way more expensive pedals, the actual metallic casing is far superior to a lot of pedals and the tone is spot on!  I’ve read these are based somewhat on a Boss SD-1 Overdrive and while I don’t have one to compare it to, this pedal sounds very amp-like and has some of the best tone I’ve heard straight into a clean amplifier.  Check out the tone in the video below.

Daphon is not a name I was familiar with but now I have seen the quality of this pedal I am very tempted to buy a few more from the range.  The internal components are actually high quality parts and the switch is not mounted directly on the PCB which is preferred by pedal aficionados for long durability reasons.

All in all, this pedal rocks! It’s absolutely as good as any other Tubescreamer/Overdrive pedal on the market and you can get it for a fraction of the price.  I got mine from Swamp Industries and they sell them as cheap as chips so check them out.

(4.3 / 5)
I am giving this pedal a 4.25/5 for the reasons above:  Tone, Build Quality, and Price.  Check these out for sure they are awesome for both rhythm and solo playing.

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