Day #1 Filming of new GAS Documentary Complete

Day #1 Filming of new GAS Documentary Complete

Day #1 Filming of the Gear Acquisition Syndrome documentary is complete.  I am please to report that everything went really well and I have about an hour of footage to work with already.  Today was spent with a friend of mine named Dave, his collection is a mix of fantastic Fender amplifiers dating back to the mid 1950’s.  He also has a wonderful and diverse guitar collection featuring some of the nicest guitars I’ve seen from both Gibson, Fender, and PRS.  His pedal collection is somewhat legendary among our group of friends and seeing it for for the first time was really fun and impressive.

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Here’s a photograph of Dave and I taking a look at some of the amplifiers in his collection and what a wonderful amplifier collection it is.

Audio Improvements

I am happy to also report so far the audio quality is far superior to my previous documentary that I made about open mic nights.  I learned a lot about shooting on location for the first time and what steps are needed to be taken to sure you have enough microphones, good mic placement, and back up mics just in case something doesn’t work properly. For those who are into film making, YouTube videos, or just having high quality audio is a priority this might be of some interest to you.  Both Dave and used Rode Lavalier microphones one was connected to a Sennheiser G3 wireless pack and the second microphone was a Rode SmartLav+ microphone connected to a Zoom H1 via a Rode SC3 cable.  This was my first experience using the Zoom H1 and also my first time using the Rode SmartLav+ microphone and I have to say the results were just as good as using the regular Rode Condenser Lavalier microphone which I am very familiar with.  Syncing audio can sometimes be a pain but so far so good, everything fitted together perfectly on the timeline with very little effort.  I can highly reccomend the SmartLav+ microphone to anytone wanting great quality audio for their productions of any kind.  While those two microphones were used as my main mics, I also had two other Rode NTG microphones set up on top of the video cameras just in case something went wrong I would still have a secondary option.  Once you’ve used shirt microphones, room microphones never sound the same.  I didn’t have anyone helping out with audio so sadly having a boom microphone wasn’t an option.  Thankfully though, so far the audio is nice, clear, and crisp.  Given that we were in a controlled condition (inside) it was much easier to work with in terms of background noise and other problems including wind.

I have at least two more days of filming ahead in terms of interviews before the majority of the editing and voice over’s will begin.  Judging from the first day of filming I hope a lot of people enjoy, share, and comment on this documentary once it’s completed.

I’ll post updates on the documentary after each day of filming. :-)


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